Hello there!

I’m currently editing of my debut novel, but I don’t want to stop creating! So, to help keep me writing I’ve decided to write and release a novella length story on this’ere blog.

Inspired by apocalypse now, I was overwhelmed by the powerful desire to write an up-river journey. But, don’t worry, it won’t be anything like the Vietnam epic, or Heart of Darkness…. I dare not dream :P.

Each week I will launch a short piece (hoping to keep each under 1000 words), of the novella right here. While the perspective may change from section to section, it will follow a linear progression. So each instalment, regardless of who it’s written about, will follow on from the last. So, hopefully, you’ll never find yourself tearing your hair out, because you got yourself wrapped up in one story, only to find out the following week is a totally different plot line.

So what’s gonna happen?

Well it will start with Taver, a Leonirian historian. He’s taking a band of adventurers north into the fire lands in the hopes of entering the ruined city of the (now extinct) Fire Elves. The story itself will take place in Etheros. My fantasy world, with two suns and three moons. The star of many of my short stories, Melisande Flamestouch, and her whore-come-mercenary friend; Lorena, will be joined by a whole host of exciting new characters.

Expect sex, drugs, orcs, volcanos, riddles, traps, sword fights, skirmishes (great word, say it out loud Skirmish), mutineers and a whole lot more.

…Oh and PICTURES!!@! Along with being a mediocre writer, I’m also a mediocre artists. So while I’m sharpening my writing skills, I’ll also be sharpening pencils. Each week, I’ll be throwing up a unique piece of art to reflect a part of the story.

I’m really excited about this, so hopefully you are too! If you think you could use a weekly, ten minute distraction; follow along and re-blog this post!

Thanks a lot for reading! Take it safe.

Allen V Cortez

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