Follower spotlight: theparasiteguy

Each week I will turn the attention to one of my followers. To celebrate theparasiteguy achieving 50 followers; he’s lucky number one.

Like most of us, this fella’s interests include gaming, music and writing. A physics student, he has taken to the wordpress world to further his writing. Unpretentious, and fun to read, he has admitted he wants to build his skills, so he can do his concepts and ideas justice. An admirable trait, and shows true commitment to the craft.

Post Spotlight:

Farhome house – Encounter

A delightful little snippet about a chap named James induction into some sort of parasitic cult. Verb heavy with sparse description it’s a great little piece with a comfy concept.

I love reading new writers with great concepts. Writing is a skill, idea is a talent. It’s the foundation of best-selling authors. Theparasiteguy shows a lot of promise in his concepts and it’s just a matter of his skill catching up.

That said, theparasiteguy, is NOT a bad writer. His style is action driven and easy to read. From reading his bio and many of his posts, I’ve drawn the conclusion that he thinks he’s a lot worse than he actually is. This is an admirable trait in any kind of artists, because you know he’s never going to stop improving!

Post Spotlight:

A collection of bad sci-fi covers

I decided to turn the light on this post because I can’t help but feel my post getting a professional cover artist inspired it.

A better collection of crimes against the art community I haven’t seen. Very funny,

To say ‘theparasiteguy’ is well read would be the understatement of the century. When I wasn’t laughing my moobs off (mereasts, if your a Dylan Moran fan), I couldn’t help but be shocked that he had read so many books with terrible covers.

Post Spotlight:

Stepping into the world of self publishing

The parasite guy is going after e-books for his future reviews. Something, when I start reviewing books, I plan to do. I’m a big proponent of e-books and believe it’s the printing press of our era. In spite of this, I have never read any fiction e-books realeases… I am the ultimate hypocrite. Thanks to parasiteguy, this is going to change.

As a reader, however, I think that independent authors should be given a chance.  It has become increasingly clear to me that many such writers work just as hard – if not harder- than those who have gotten their books out via traditional means.  Furthermore, it must be said that traditional publishers are not necessarily the seal of quality that people think they are.  Ever read a book that was so bad you wondered how it got published?  Exactly.

A truer statement I haven’t seen in a while. Theparasiteguy is not only working to build his craft, but also immersing himself in the community. I think that just about every indie author (if they haven’t already), should take a leaf out of this man’s book and support their competition, so the community may grow as a whole.

The Wrap up:

All in all, get on board because I reckon this kid’s gonna be big. I am really looking forward to his first novel (whether that’s in three months or three years), so I can tell people “hah, I knew him before he was big.”

Head on over theparasiteguy and follow along!


Follower spotlight will be a regular instalment, if you want to be featured, follow A month from somewhere. I will not ask your permission, but I will never give negative reviews. This section is intended to build the community, not break it!

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