Into the Firelands – [part 6] Escape From the Light’s Voice II

blogovellaThe spiders nest that was Midrun’s docks expanded out in front of the foursome. Sailors began to awaken as the murderous howls of the lights voice echoed across the otherwise quiet night. Lanterns came alive, and the countless ships and boats lit up like the winter’s end festival.

Boots pounded on the rickety timber piers as they dashed. Melisande had taken the lead and vaulted the railing. She landed hard on the Elvebat’s deck and spun to see the captain emerge, weary eyed, from his chambers. “What be goin’ on?” He snapped, still half asleep.

Lorena had already taken to cutting the mooring lines that tethered the ship to midrun’s port. Shamus, the bard, shimmied up the main mast and set about dropping sail. Taver stood anxiously and stared at the mob of torches that ran toward the boat.

We must leave at once,” Melisande said calmly.

The captain frowned but after a quick look at the mob descending on them, gave no objection. He pulled is cloak on as he hurried to the bell which would rouse the crew.

Crewmen stumbled bleary eyed as they moved to the deck. With the lines cut, the ship began to list in the current.

Shamus and Lorena leapt onto the railings as the Light’s Voice cultists tried to board. A flurry of blade swipes kept them at bay, but a stray hand locked onto Lorena’s leg. She gave a yelp, a high pitched squeal she’d later be embarrassed about. Flamestouch leapt forward, catching the green eyed woman by the waist and pulling her from the clutches of the enemy.

More hands came at Shamus, but he stepped from side to side and dodged each group. As the cultists gave up on snaring their target, they leapt onto the railing. Clawing their way onto the deck.

Melisande propped her partner up for only a moment before Lorena shrugged her off, and the two women got to their feet.

Taver scurried away from a frenzied cultist as Shamus let on of his blades fly. The dagger soared through the sky, spinning at a blinding speed before it embedded itself in the assailant’s back.

Flamestouch parried a blow, deflected the attacker into Lorena’s waiting blade. On by one, the team of four picked off cultists. Slaying four, and throwing the remaining two overboard.

Screams and thrashing in the water reverberated through the otherwise pleasant, moonlit night. The two women and Shamus breathed heavily, and wiped sweat from their foreheads. Their sighs of relief were not echoed by the crew who had formed a disgruntled circle around the party.


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