The Birth of Etheros

world buildingI am a lot of things; graphic designer, illustrator, writer, game-designer, blogger (duh), but above all: I am a world builder. Most everything I create is driven by the desire to create new an interesting worlds as a setting for what I create. Over the next week or so I am turning this blog into a resource for all you other world-builders out there, and will be giving you bucket loads of tips and ideas to consider when building yourself.

So, what better way to start then talking briefly about the world where my debut high fantasy novel “Sword of Unity” [currently being edited] and Blogovella: Into the Firelands is set.

Etheros in a nut shell

Etheros is a continent on a planet named Rar’Orthon, though characters rarely leave Etheros. It is a relatively small place, and would take about four months travel from one side to the other, and about ten months from top to bottom.

It has two suns, one appearing once every two years, and three moons; one visible during the day, the other two at night. The suns and moons are also representative of the Five Gods. Often referred to in fiction as oaths [“By the five!”].

Within Etheros there are five Kingdoms [so to speak]: Leonir, Eldorad, So, the Nordeland, and The Orc Terrirtories. Each with their own structure and somewhat unique geography.

How did Etheros come to be?

Well, I woke up one day and decided I wanted to write a high-fantasy novel. After all, that’s what I mostly read. So I needed a world to base it in. It started out with the idea of having more than one sun, then escalated with the addition of three moons. Magic was taken into consideration, and the history, races were added and developed, and a map was made.

Etheros was an empty shape, a blank area with a mountain range and a couple of rivers; then I started writing. In about three weeks time I had a 72 thousand word rough draft and the left half of the map was filled with locations and landmarks. Then I did my first edit, and expanded it to 120 thousand words, adding more to the map.

With the book finished, and editing under-way  I started writing short stories, to build up the world. The right side of the map started to fill, then the top. Adding, adding, adding. New locations, new factions, new ideas, and new landmarks.

Will it ever stop?

By the five, no! The story takes place during the “Second Age of Etheros” when all the Elves and Dwarves have become extinct (mostly) and humans are the dominant race. I have plans for a third age, which will be a black powder age, and Etheros will be the setting for science fiction one day.

It is my dream that the community will grab a hold of Etheros and make it, its own. I look forward to the day when someone sends me its first piece of fan-fiction (and I will shower them with gifts :P).

The world building Resource

Over the coming weeks I will be going through the ins and outs, considerations and considernots of world building for fantasy and sci-fi settings. It’s a complicated process, but over the years I’ve picked up a few tricks that hopefully you’ll be able to use to improve your own fantasy writing endeavours.

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