Follower Spotlight: Hollis Plample

On this follower spotlight I’m taking a brief break fromHollis Plample. revealing wonderful indie authors, and taking to the eccentric pile of hipster cocaine that is 

I’m not sure if Hollis is a person, but if she is, Hollis speaks in the first person. A quick visit to her about page and you will find that Hollis a woman of many talents; Opera singing, tap dancing and instrument… playing.

Post Spotlight: Welcome to Hipster Week, Starting with Overpriced Coffees

If a picture tells a thousand words, this post is exactly one thousand words.

Post Spotlight: Choices Vs. Free

Also at a pictorial thousand words, choices vs. free tackles the decision every binge drinker worth their weight in whiskey has asked themselves.

Post Spotlight: Vancouver: Home of Sensible environmental decisions

A monster at two thousand words this two panel comic is LOL… did I use that correctly? It aptly sums up my opinion of most of my [Australian] government’s go-green campaigns.

Each bizarre comic is drawn (or photo shopped onto, I’m not sure) a faded music score, or document which gives the strip a cool zine sorta vibe, and I wish I had have thought of it.

Check it out, and follow along for a daily chuckle!

Thanks for reading,


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