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concernedteacherjpegWoooow! I am back. I can’t believe it’s been twelve months since I last posted on here. There have been some big changes in my life and I think that it’s about time I got back into the swing of writing regularly.

Here is a quick look at what I’ve been doing for the past 12 months

  • Returned to university: Studying to be a teacher.

  • Return to Depression & Anxiety

  • Got a Cat

  • Focussing on visual art

  • Playing a bit of Banjo

  • Writing has been purely for the purpose of self-reflection

The biggest item on that list is definitely my return to uni. I took the plunge and decided to become a teacher. So far, it’s been pretty good, but the second dot point on that list has definitely made it difficult.

Around the middle of 2011 I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. They put me on meds but I was heading over seas and refused to take them, long story short, I wound up having a full on mental breakdown while I was there and had to cut my trip short. After returning home, I went through about nine months of therapy and was good.

Time has gone by and my anxiety is back with a vengeance, far worse than I remember it ever being. The main root of my fear is the fear of ridicule and I’m actually cooking up a few stories to give an insight into just how insane I actually am :P.

For now, unfortunately, I won’t be returning to writing fantasy. I find that I can’t force it and presently have no motivation. I know my muse will return at some point, but that day is not today. I am definitely returning to regular posting, but the content will be vastly different – for not at least.

How has your past 12 months been? What’s changed for you in the writing scene? Have you had any unseen mishaps?

Thanks for reading!