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All I see is boobs!

I’m always doing this, I have two .wordpress blogs and I often upload it to the wrong one.


That’s what my girlfriend said when she saw it…

Stop motion painting of Melisande Flamestouch, one of the main characters in my Blogovella project .

I had so much fun doing the last stop-motion-paint… thing, I decided to do it again, and this time; made sure the camera didn’t fall!

I’ve learnt a valuable lesson: I am terrible at painting. I might make this a monthly thing, what do you guys think? Did you like it? Should I keep doing these weird little videos?

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Stop-motion video of an Art Jam between myself [Allen V. Cortez] and one of the creators of Tall Trees Apparel. I’m on the left there drawing the octopus in space… or something. Had an absolute ball, good music set up.

Printed art cards are available from the “Get stuff” page.

Oh, and yeah, the camera fell down for about 2 hours which was really frustrating. Cut it down to less than ten seconds, kinda fun watching us run around as day turns to night… Still, incredibly frustrating.